ABACI was formed in 1996 by Jon and Carolyn Harshaw to provide technology driven business services and solutions. Jon and Carolyn bring over 35 years of IT system development and management experience to the company. Jon's focus has been on applying the best of leading edge technology to solving real business problems. Carolyn has a full range of experience in application development and support with a special emphasis on client service. Since the initial company focus was on mainframe or "legacy" system support, the company name appropriately describes both the mission and the founders who are, like the ABACUS, ancient computing devices.

What the heck is an Abaci?


Who are some of Abaci's clients?


ab-a-ci (b' -s' , a-bk'') noun
A plural of ABACUS.

abacus, an ancient computing device using movable beads strung on a number of parallel wires within a frame. Each wire represents a decimal place: ones, tens, hundreds, and so on. The beads are grouped to form numbers and shifted in specified patterns to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

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